Robots Will Help Us to Strengthen Our Social Cohesion

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Juliane Kästner: You refer to the “empowered individual” in your studies Technology as en enabler of sustainable well-being in the modern society. Why are we as individuals more empowered in these days?

Risto Linturi: We are empowered as a customer, as a citizen. As customers we are very powerful in comparing prizes and […]

Evolutionary Principles and Management Models on the Rise

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This article is dedicated to all the consultants and employees of this world. To people advocating to start the journey of change in companies’ purposes and approaches for coordination (bureaucracy), decision-making (hierarchy) or employee’s motivation, faced with questions like “Who has done that before, still being successful? We will never be like Google, you know, we are not an IT-company or in the Silicon Valley.” or “Self-organization […]

Guaranteed Minimum Income: Rationality versus Fairness Preferences

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Juliane Kästner: The most pressing question that is constantly raised in connection with the guaranteed minimum income is whether the inhabitants of Switzerland will continue working. How do you assess this from a behavioral economics point of view?

Gerhard Fehr: I believe that work represents an elementary part of life for many people. And for this reason, I believe that a […]

Do We Move From an Employee Towards an Entrepreneurial Society?

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In the preceding years I have been witnessing a growing change among my friends and acquaintances. Some quit their engagement as an employee to found a startup. Others have become more and more dissatisfied in their jobs, thirsty for a working environment of self-determination, appreciation and room for innovation.

I have noticed not only an increasing need […]

How too many rules at work keep you from getting things done

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“Productivity is the principal driver of the prosperity of a society. So we have a problem.

In the largest European economies, productivity used to grow by 5% per annum in the 50ies, from 70 to 73 3% per annum, from 83 to 95 2% per annum, since 1995 less than 1% per annum. The same profile in Japan, the same profile […]

Why its time to forget the pecking order at work

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Margaret Heffernan speaks in her TED talk about nurturing heroes in the enterprise, whose performance will be celebrated, even tough it is not very creative. These heroes think and act in their silos and often do not even know that another hero or another heroine some desks away is working on a […]

How equal do we want the world to be? You’d be surprised

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Dan Ariely – professor for psychology and behavior economics at the Duke University – is asking the right questions and finds out, that various gaps exist in the equality or egality of us human beings within our society:

  • a knowledge gap to the effective wealth distribution,
  • a gap, as human beings wish the distribution […]

Your Science Fiction Heroine

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As a powerful start into the new week I created for you a list of some of the most famous science fiction heroines. Which of the heroines is your favorite one? Which would you like to rank higher? And do you miss one? Your are invited to create your own version of the most important science fiction heroines just below. Have a great […]

Jon Gnarr: “I like people, I really like human beings.”

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“… And I want to interact with people, I really enjoy interacting. So I try something to offer. I try to be entertaining or interesting. So people will listen to me and take in what I am saying. There is so much information that goes to waste, because it is just so boring.”

Listen to what the major of […]

Shabana Basij-Rasikh: “Behind most who succeed is a father who recognizes that her success is his success.”

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A story of courage, to be oneself and to remain true to one’s principles – despite all consequences.