Life is an Operetta

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Granted, the title of this article is taken from one of Peter Ustinov’s books full of memories and anecdotes about life and human beings. But it goes so well with the events that are about to follow soon. But let us start from the beginning.

I am living in a small town in the agglomeration of Zurich. Recently, we had five […]

“I Wish More Courage from HR”

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Juliane Kästner: Let us first talk about Netstream and about your role as Human Resources Manager. Do you work differently compared to “classical companies”? 

Leandra Amsler: Our executive board mainly consists of people under the age of 40, not being caught up in a hierarchical thinking. They may have titles such as CEO or CIO, […]

What is the Value of Man?

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I hear people talking about the decay of values; that the value of man is steadily depreciating. But what is the value of man? This is an ancient question challenging philosophers since eternal times.

Diversity of Perspectives

I have been observing people taking different perspectives or a combination of these perspectives to define the value of man, the value of others and […]

Gender Equality Affects Woman AND Man

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This Wednesday, 8th March, is the anniversary of the International Women’s Day. Time to take stock of what has been achieved in the meantime (or not) in the press. CEOs of large corporations tell about their programs for the promotion of women, about “signs of hope”, and about the goals they will set for themselves once again. A short

Of Stupid Parliamentarians and a Radical New Order

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Juliane Kästner: Everything is subject to the life cycle of upward trend, peak and downward trend: humans, institutions, companies, empires and even democracy, says philosopher Charles Handy in „The Second Curve – Thoughts on Reinventing Society“.

Life Cycle of Technologies, Companies, Empires or Democracy

To escape the downward trend, a second curve […]

Robots Will Help Us to Strengthen Our Social Cohesion

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Juliane Kästner: You refer to the “empowered individual” in your studies Technology as an enabler of sustainable well-being in the modern society. Why are we as individuals more empowered in these days?

Risto Linturi: We are empowered as a customer, as a citizen. As customers we are very powerful in comparing prizes and […]

I am not only “The German”

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“Germans, living in Switzerland, do not feel comfortable and find it difficult to integrate”, my parents read to me on this recurring topic from a corresponding article just recently. I myself am a German. And I do not agree.

Granted. I am living more than 26 years in Switzerland, first in the Canton of Solothurn, then in St. Gallen, Zurich, Basel, […]

Evolutionary Principles and Management Models on the Rise

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This article is dedicated to all the consultants and employees of this world. To people advocating to start the journey of change in companies’ purposes and approaches for coordination (bureaucracy), decision-making (hierarchy) or employee’s motivation, faced with questions like “Who has done that before, still being successful? We will never be like Google, you know, we are not an IT-company or in the Silicon Valley.” or “Self-organization […]

Guaranteed Minimum Income: Rationality versus Fairness Preferences

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Juliane KästnerThe most pressing question that is constantly raised in connection with the guaranteed minimum income is whether the inhabitants of Switzerland will continue working. How do you assess this from a behavioral economics point of view?

Gerhard FehrI believe that work represents an elementary part of life for many people. And for this reason, I believe that a […]

Do We Move From an Employee Towards an Entrepreneurial Society?

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In the preceding years I have been witnessing a growing change among my friends and acquaintances. Some quit their engagement as an employee to found a startup. Others have become more and more dissatisfied in their jobs, thirsty for a working environment of self-determination, appreciation and room for innovation.

I have noticed not only an increasing need […]